Signature Line

Today’s true Downeast hulls use diesels that are powerful enough to produce horsepower to get them up and beyond displacement speeds, and yet these boats are still true to providing predictable stability. They are simply about as stable a platform as you could ever want – and that means a solid ride in flat or rough waters at 20+ knots every day.

Our Downeast semi-displacement hulls behaves in an entirely different manner. The fine entry of the fore foot slices through the waves cleanly and without pounding. It’s an exceptionally dry ride, with the flared bow effortlessly tossing aside the bow wave as the hull slips through the water without a fuss. Our extremely flat after under body and transom tends to slide smoothly slightly squatting underway, keeping the propeller and rudder deep in the water for a solid bite and excellent steerage. At the same time, the full length skeg and keel resists side-to-side rocking, while helping the boat track effortlessly even in a following sea. The Downeast hull that we‘ve designed, even in nasty chop and heavy swell conditions, can cruise comfortable all day long at 20+ knots.

Rugged Construction:
We are committed to building to the same standards of durability whether it be a commercial lobster boat or a cruiser. Since the mid 1970’s we have analyzed our product and the products of other builders and suppliers to continually make improvements in both materials and techniques to produce boats that are exceptionally sound in construction, easier to maintain, and long lasting.

There are no assembly lines here, and our employees take great pride in the boats that they build, Each boat is built with overall performance, the owner’s needs and desires, classic good looks, and overall integrity in mind.

Outstanding Long-Term Value:
Our classic designs, rugged construction, and quality finish result in a boat that is a joy to own and will hold it’s value over time. Our boats are in high demand and command the best prices of all used boats. Our goal is to build boats that are not only beautiful but also practical to own. Starting with our semi built down hulls, the most sea worthy of lobster boat types, and adding building techniques and materials chosen for efficiency, longevity and ease of maintenance.

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